Minister Fantastic is a talented Gospel music minister, song writer, recording/performing Artiste.
His songs is blessing and touching lives all over the world and here He’s latest Single titled; “You Won”
Feel free to download, comment and share.




Ma.. ma ma ma ma ma mana ma ma na na nana dey dey de-dey…..

I’m Fantastic,
With Jesus.


I remember,
How the father,
Proved his powers to me……
I remember,
When i was in the dark,
You came, you shine, the light for me…. Here..

Jesus, Jesus
Sweetest friend o..
What no man can do
You are able to do
And you always do oh..
Jesus Jesus,
Mighty warrior ooo. .. ehi…

You won it, (you win all problem)
you won it (you took my pains..)
You Won it, you won it all for me
(You took the shame..)
You won it, (adibade…. Da)
you won it ( ……)
You won it, you won it all for me..

Emana mi oo
Ma’ozi salai, psidkenu magenenu ye….


You gat no weak point,
You are the mighty one,
You are my only one, (one)
You gat no weak point,.
You are the mighty one
You are my only one
Iye dede de de o

Jesus Jesus
Sweetest friend o
What no man can do
You are able to do
And you always do oh
Jesus Jesus
Mighty warrior ooo ehi.

You won it, (oo oh oh…)
you won it (you won it..)
You won it, (you won it)
you won it all for me
(Who can take your place in my life,)
You won it (yes you won it)
You won it all for me..

I love the Lord,
i don’t know how to tell it all,
Everyday of my life i go praise you
I can never place no one above you
In you i live, in you i breath.
everything is you i give..
Take me deeper in love……
Jah i just wanna say..
U r good to me
what can i do without your love
How do i breath without your love ….
Just take me deeper in love…
I wanna live with you
I wanna walk with you
Teach me your will…..

You won it (all the badness in my life you won it…)
You won it ( you won it Lord, you won it Lord)
You won it all for me
You won it (yes)
You won it (you won it.)
You won it all for me


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